Treatment renal failure with Lexapro

Depression is a widely-spread disease nowadays. A great number of people suffer with it in all the parts of the world.

This illness is rather dangerous. During the depression patient always feels frustrated. The common features of the disease patient can have are insomnia, anxious, bad mood. In some complicated cases patient can even commit a suicide.

It is necessary to remember that depression affects not only mental health, but physical as well. That’s why it must be treated with special medicines. Lexapro is one of the most effective remedies, which are used to cure the mental disorders.

But it can be also used for the treatment of the renal failure. This disease is very dangerous that’s why it is forbidden to hesitate with its treatment.
Renal failure appears when kidney can’t filter the blood from dangerous toxins, which can bring damage to the human body.

As a result of disease the level of calcium, phosphate and other harmful substances in the blood elevates very quickly. It is forbidden to hesitate with the treatment of this disease, because it can cause death of the patient.

Of course, there are a lot of treatments that solve this problem. And Lexapro is one of them.
It is necessary during the treatment of the renal failure to control the level of such isoenzyme as CYP2C19.

This substance plays a big role in the blood purification. If the level of isoenzyme in the body is law, there appears abnormal kidney function.
Lexapro consists of elements, which influence on isoenzyme CYP2C19.

It activates this substance in the body. It is necessary to know that CYP2C19 is the main enzyme for the metabolism. It also lowers the level of potassium, which increases during the disease.

Treatment with the help of Lexapro cleans blood and removes harmful elements, which can sometimes rest in the liver and kidney.
Lexapro can be taken together with the other drugs, which are prescribed during the renal failure.

This medicine consists of escitalopram, which accelerates metabolism of the drugs. That’s why they are better absorbed in the blood. But it is recommended to ask the doctor before combining drugs.

Patient must also be sure that he doesn’t have allergy to the components of the medicine.
The treatment of the renal failure with Lexapro must last only one or two weeks.

If these pills don’t bring an expected result and there appear side effects, it is better for the patient to change the treatment. In the first day of the treatment it is allowed to take only one pill in a day. Then this doze must be increased.
There are many reasons, which provoke beginning of renal failure. In some cases disease requires completely different treatment.

That’s why it is necessary to visit a doctor before taking Lexapro.
Lexapro can provoke dangerous side effects. It is sometimes very difficult to get rid of them without doctor’s help.

That’s why if patient feels bad or has a high temperature after taking medicines, it is necessary to go to hospital at once.

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